Client: Leap Learner

I was asked to create a sub-brand logo for LEAP LEARNER for one of the their products "Leap Learner Immersion" program. 

The logo needed to be inspired by the main brand but speak to this particular product in a unique way. I took inspiration from one of the elements —the star — renamed it "spark" gave it a fresh point of view and meaning. The "star/spark" represents the catalyst which ignites the unique learning universe for the students and all those in their education universe. 

Client: Illinois Department of Public Health 

I was brought on to create a campaign brand (logo, tagline, brand guideline and subsequent materials) for this state run program in which individuals will be going into the hardest hit areas of the state or Illinois to be their to help them through the pandemic with the resources from food and shelter to getting the healthcare they  need from a trusted source, someone from their community. 

Client: Myself
I designed this logo for my art business. The chop (seal) is my Korean name that I traveled to Korea to reclaim my name. I name "Youngi" was used to pay homage to where I began and the hand scripted lettering was use to reflect the unique sums-inkstyle technique which I use to paint pet portraits.
Client: Mording Dance Company
The logo was created for a local modern dance company in Chicago. The logo was designed to capture the dynamic movements that dancers make. In the applicaiton of the logo, there is a different dancer interacting with the letter "O" to keep it fresh and high energy.
Client: Northwestern Arthritis Institute
The logo needed to convey "arthritis" and "joints" so the X-ray was employed to quickly give this visual message. 
Client: State of Illinois
The state of Illinois' annual anti-smoking campaign had a different campaign logo for each year; from that logo a cadre of marketing materails was created. The look/feel for the campaign was established through the creation of the campaign logo. 
Client: State of Illinois
Another logo for the state's anti-smoking campaign. 
Client: The Nature Conservancy (Minnesota chapter)
This logo was created for a 5-year campaign to raise funds to protect the lands that these three states cover. I worked with different internal teams to walk them through the name-branding process, from name generation to completion of the logo. 

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