Client: Myself
I designed this logo for my art business.
Client: Mording Dance Company
The logo was created for a local modern dance company in Chicago. The logo was designed to capture the dynamic movements that dancers make. In the applicaiton of the logo, there is a different dancer interacting with the letter "O" to keep it fresh and high energy.
Client: Northwestern Arthritis Institute
The logo needed to convey "arthritis" and "joints" so the X-ray was employed to quickly give this visual message. 
Client: State of Illinois
The state of Illinois' annual anti-smoking campaign had a different campaign logo for each year; from that logo a cadre of marketing materails was created. The look/feel for the campaign was established through the creation of the campaign logo. 
Client: State of Illinois
Another logo for the state's anti-smoking campaign. 
Client: The Nature Conservancy (Minnesota chapter)
This logo was created for a 5-year campaign to raise funds to protect the lands that these three states cover. I worked with different internal teams to walk them through the name-branding process, from name generation to completion of the logo. 

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