Design is powerful, and the process is exciting. I love to make the complicated understandable. Design isn't about making things pretty — it's about communicating. It's also understanding when to add pop and when to be subtle. With all the options available, a smart designer can see through the clutter and know that adding a drop shadow just doesn't cut it. 
My role as a designer is also to educate. It comes into play when I explain the "why" of my design moves to a skeptical client. I see it as a great opportunity to educate him or her on visual dynamics.
When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them "I'm a visual problem solver." I love working with people from other disciplines — writers, project managers, vendors — we are all working toward one goal: making a great product. 
When I'm not designing, I'm painting custom pet portraits that captures their unique personality. I then turn them into gift wrap, cards, coasters, etc. Painting keeps me energized and fills my creative bucket. 
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