Front of postcards
The students’ unique gifts are accentuated on the front of the postcard to pull the reader into their story. The postcards will ultimately serve as “story banks” of students who are able to attend the University of Chicago thanks to scholarship support. By sharing personal student stories, it illustrates the importance of scholarships for education and training across the Division of the Biological Sciences. 
Back of postcards
We reiterate the theme “everybody has a gift” and (when possible) say what type of scholarship that the student received and the current status of work position to show the result of that scholarship. A quote that answers the “why” about the importance of scholarships and how financial support was instrumental to them becoming unique physicians and scientists each using their unique gifts.
Illustrates that the Legacy Challenge has the potential to triple the amount of endowed scholarships that the University of Chicago can offer to Pritzker and BSD students—this will then go on to give many future students the opportunity to attend the University of Chicago.

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